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At its Congress in 2015, Coop de France revealed its new strategy plan.  Through “Coop de France 2020”, the Federation is making a strong commitment to meet the economic challenges currently facing cooperative companies. Competitiveness, value creation, food value-chain, sustainable development, meeting consumers’ expectations, and also promoting and defending the status of cooperatives. These are the watchwords of our plan. 

1. Four key challenges

Promoting the principles and values of cooperatives 
Coop de France confirms the importance of the agricultural cooperative model’s strategy of differentiation, as a source of values and positive qualities in a context where public policy continues to be built around standard companies.  

Defending the competitiveness of cooperative companies  
The challenge for France is to avoid becoming a country that is forced to import a growing proportion of agricultural and food products, with consequences for jobs and expertise. In order to withstand competition and unleash the potential of cooperatives, Coop de France has chosen to be a champion for competitiveness in today’s economic debate.
Assert the capacity of cooperatives to drive value 
Coop de France is taking action to enhance cooperatives’ ability to create value throughout the food chain for their members, society, local regions and the country. 

Being present and involved throughout the food value chain 
Coop de France interacts with citizens and consumers, playing a true role in public debate. Coop de France will continue to grow its position in the food sector by strengthening its agri-food branch and building its communication campaign “Agricultural Cooperation” around an angle that goes from cooperative production to cooperative consumption. 

2. Satisfying three demands

High quality expertise 
Coop de France offers high-level expertise, from technical and financial to legal, fiscal and social. It also aims to promote interdisciplinary skills and cross-analysis. 
Its objectives are to develop a 5-year strategy to strengthen competencies, focus on certain priority topics (economics and finance, internationalisation, new technologies), and develop a programme to evaluate the quality of the services it provides to members. 

Enhanced responsiveness and proactivity 
In a world of instant communication, Coop de France is taking action to improve its organisation (creation of an outlook team, improved information systems, etc.) and develop digital technologies. 

Exemplary social responsibility 
There is a clear and close link between CSR and cooperatives: democratic governance, local roots, taking a long-term view, handing down to future generations.  
Bringing value to these commitments to society is essential to achieving success over time. 

3. Two key drivers

The strength of shared enterprise
The strength of Coop de France is based on shared enterprise and its extensive network across the country. Coop de France is not simply the sum of its regional bodies or sectors. It is therefore essential that this shared enterprise be organised, understood by all and activated. Coop de France stresses the importance of its network and ensures its national and regional structures are well coordinated. 

The capacity to influence 
Coop de France’s influence strategy is based on five closely coordinated pillars: political expression, the “Agricultural Cooperation” communication campaign, public and institutional relations, European and international positioning, and training. 
The key challenges now and in the future are increasing awareness of agricultural cooperation, strengthening the link between food expertise and the communication campaign and repositioning European lobbying ahead of the renegotiation of the CAP in 2020.

4. Three priority orientations 

1. Consolidating Coop de France’s agri-food branch by creating “Coop de France Agri-food” 
2. Restating the role and the importance of Coop de France’s regional network 
3. Confirming the central role of the “Agricultural Cooperation” communication campaign as a key tool in Coop de France’s influence strategy