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1. Coop de France, a national Federation of companies

Coop de France is the single representative of French agricultural, agri-food, agro-industry and forestry cooperatives. It is structured around an Animal Branch (cattle, sheep, pig, poultry and animal feed sectors) a Plant Branch (Cereals and Alfalfa drying) and an Agri-food Branch (called Coop de France agri-food), and also has support departments (legal and fiscal affairs, employment and social affairs, influence and communication, etc.). 

Coop de France also includes national professional federations and regional federations. 
Spokesperson and a source of proposals to put to French and European public authorities, the media and civil society, Coop de France’s mission is to promote the cooperative model and showcase its economic activities, 

Thanks to:
- its multidisciplinary expert services, 
- its regional network, 
- its “Coop de France Services” (which offer innovative solutions to enhance the performance of cooperative companies and put CSR at the heart of their strategy) and “” (which offers tailored extranets with over forty portals already live),


Coop de France’s governance team is made up of: 

- Michel Prugue, its President,
 Michel Prugue, Président de Coop de France
- and Valérie Ohannessian, Chief Executive Officer 
  Valérie Ohannessian, Directrice Générale de Coop de France


2. Coop de France and its professional environment 

Coop de France is represented on many professional bodies: 
- As a representative of cooperatives, it is a member of the National Mutuality Confederation, the Crédit Agricole Cooperatives (CNMCCA), along with the National Crédit Agricole Federation (FNCA) and the National Agricultural Mutuality Federation (FNMA which includes the MSA and Groupama)
- It is a member of the French Agricultural Council (CAF), along with the FNSEA, the JA, the CNMCCA, the FNCA, the FNMA and the APCA.
- It is a member of, which brings together all of France’s cooperative organisations.
- In Europe, it is a member of the General Committee for Agricultural Cooperation in the European Union (COGECA).
- It holds mandates at he Economic, Social and Environmental Council  (CESE).

Coop de France also partners with the following organisations :
- the National Revision Association (ANR)
- le Haut Conseil de la Coopération Agricole (HCCA) / High Council for Agricultural Cooperation
- l'Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé auprès des Organismes Professionnels et des Coopératives Agricoles (OPCALIM) / the Authorised Parity Collector Body for the Professional and Agricultural Cooperatives Bodies